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Are your Sash Windows looking tired?
Are your frames and sills in need of repair?
Concerned about the cost of Replacement Sash Windows?

It’s much cheaper to renovate now, than replace later with our Sash Window Restoration Services!

Sash Window Restoration Services from Sash Renovate offer a huge variety of repair options.

These range from restoring small areas of rot and decay, to sash re-balancing.

We even offer a complete replacement in the very worst cases.

If your period windows need help, simply contact us to arrange a survey and an estimated quote.

It’s impossible to give an exact quote for our Sash Window Restoration Services until we start taking your windows apart. We will always get as close as possible however, and always keep you in the loop throughout.

You will not get any big surprises at the end of the job, except for how great your windows will look.

What To Expect From Our Sash Window Renovation Services

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Sash Window Renovation Services
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When Sash Renovate repair your windows, you will receive a level of service that goes above and beyond that of our competitors.

From the level of detail we put into the restorations, to the exemplary aftercare and the fair pricing we employ.

We use only the best quality and longest lasting materials, and we promise you will be more than happy with the final result.

Here are some of the services we provide…


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draught proof

Our Sash Window draught-proofing system is very popular and hugely effective.

Using a Teflon ‘bubble seal’, draughts are virtually eliminated while the beauty and elegance of your windows remains untouched.

Studies carried out by English Heritage showed that adding draught proofing, reduced air infiltration by up to 86% resulting in up to a 70% thermal benefit.

Contact us today if you’d like to stop draughts and reduce your heating bills overnight.

Sash and Casement Window Renovation

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Sash Casement Window Renovation

If your windows have seen better days, then our Sash Window Restoration Services team can usually repair them.

They will be able to bring them back to life at much less cost than you would imagine.

However, if you leave it too long they may be beyond economic repair, meaning renovation now is definitely the most cost-effective option.

Call us today to discuss Sash Window Renovation, and we will work within your budget to preserve your windows for the future.

How It Works

We start with the removal of the existing timber beading which allows us to remove your windows, leaving the frame in place.

The frame will be renovated in situ; we’ll take off the paint and carry out the relevant repairs using a resin repair care system, or in some extreme cases the old sills may need removing and replacing with new sills.

These are made from Iroko, which is a West African hardwood.

The sashes will be renovated in our pop-up workshop (usually situated in your garden).

Repairs will be carried out, loose and crumbling putty will be replaced, new sash cords will be installed using high quality wax-coated cord, the sashes are re-hung, and our discrete draught-proofing system is put into place.

Your windows will be coated externally with top quality preservative primer, and a new period locking catch and lifters will be added if required.

When our skilled sash window restoration services team are finished, you will enjoy large reductions in noise and dust pollution along with much lower energy bills.

Heritage Double Glazing

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A great way to increase thermal efficiency and enjoy a warmer home with smaller energy bills while retaining your existing windows, is to install Heritage Slimline Double Glazing.

We will carry out the same steps as the renovation process described above, but we also carefully remove your single glazed units and deepen your existing window rebate.

We then install a 12mm double glazed unit, before re-cording your windows and adding heavier sash weights to counter balance the now heavier sash.

The size of the new double-glazed unit will vary according to the size of your sash and frame, but whatever the size you will benefit from less noise and more warmth.

Sash Inserts


There are some extremely rare occasions where, because of the rebate size, our sash window restoration services team will not be able to double glaze your sash windows.

In these cases, our joinery team will match your existing windows with all new replacements made from Iroko hardwood, fitted with Heritage Slimline Double-Glazed Units.

Your new sashes can be undercoated or fully finished, that’s your choice, but this option gives you a massive saving on the cost of a full sash box replacement when it’s unnecessary.

New and Bespoke Joinery

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We can restore and renovate your existing windows and doors nearly all the time.

However, there are obviously occasions where the years and the weather have taken their toll and restoration isn’t a viable option.

At these times our skilled craftsmen can match your period windows and doors exactly, cleverly manufacturing perfect replacements out of the best quality hardwood.

As every project differs from the last regarding styles and sizes, all new joinery is made to order and never mass produced.

Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll be glad to advise you.

Glass Repair, Stained Glass, and Leaded Lights

Glass Repair
Glass Repair

We offer glass repair and specialist restoration services, including repairs to stained glass and leaded light windows.

So, if you have a cracked pane of glass, just call us and we will replace it the same day.

Stained Glass and Leaded Light windows are some of the oldest glazing techniques we still see around today.

They look amazing, but need regular maintenance if they are going to stay at their best.

If you have stained glass or leaded light windows on your property and they need a little restoration or repair, we can help.

Lead work becomes loose over time, and small panes of glass can get cracked or broken.

Our sash window restoration services team carefully remove the panes and replace them with a board while they take the unit away for repair or for complete restoration, depending on its condition.

In all cases we will provide you with an accurate lead time for any repairs we carry out.

Quick Repairs

Quick Repairs
Quick Repairs
Quick Repairs

A frequent issue people experience with sash windows, is that the cord has broken or the window has been painted shut and can’t be opened.

In many cases these are the only things preventing the window from functioning efficiently, and Sash Renovate can help.

We offer a fast service for freeing up sashes from excess paint and for replacing sash cords.

Call us today and we’ll get your window open at last.

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